Black Captain America! Fighting for a country that will not fight for him, Isaiah Bradley becomes the ultimate sacrificial lamb during WWII! Alan Vickers, from New England Comics, here to have a conversation about the urban myth of the Marvel Universe!

Open (0:00​)
The Creators (1:34​)
Tuskegee Syphilis Study (7:15​)
Isaiah Bradley (11:33​)
Sgt. Luke Evans (11:58​)
Maurice Canfield (12:39​)
Reconstruction Era (15:36​)
The Experiment (19:53​)
Faith Bradley (22:48​)
Suicide mission (28:12​)
Captured (40:57​)
Eugenics (42:33​)
LEGO Batman PSA (44:33​)
Rescued (48:22​)
Super Soldier Serum (51:20​)
Steve Rogers meets Isaiah Bradley (54:32​)
Wall of Celebrities (58:46​)
The Black Vine (1:00:37​)
Instant addition to the Marvel Universe (1:03:53​)
Eli Bradley (1:04:25​)
Comic Book Medium (1:07:25​)
Close (1:11:29​)

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